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I have loved photography since my early teens. My initial efforts with black and white film with a double lens reflex camera evolved into high saturation color slide work, and more recently, into the realm of digital imagery. After a lifetime of creating photos I have recently been teaching photography and have written a book, From Point and Shoot to Brilliant Photography.

My eye looks for the light, and the light is only perfect for a very short time. My career as an HIV/AIDS physician, my home in the Colorado Rockies, my summers in the British Columbian coastal waters, and my global adventures on the roads less traveled, have all brought me to unique photographic moments.

There is a moment when we as humans behold incredible beauty in nature, the deep light in another's eyes or the excitement of the wild things, a moment when we feel a special stirring deep in our hearts. If an image gives its viewer this kind of feeling, the inner experience of the actual moment, then it is a successful image. May you feel this "spirit" in my work.


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